Can I help? - Sure! We can always use gaters, ushers, and people to help plan the mini events during the auction. We already have a cashier and a broker. Though people who work for us and show us they can be trusted, will get more responsibility as time progresses.

How can I reach you? - ICQ: 43658528 or Discord: SamanthaCarter#0129

What is your website?

Will I lose my item? Can I get insurance? - Atlantic Auctions does EVERYTHING in its power to ensure that your item stays safe from start to finish. The truth though is that ANYTHING can happen. We have prepared against all known bugs, glitches, and scams, but the truth is your item could get stolen or lost.

However, in regards to any item stolen/lost under 100m you will be paid out your starting amount including a 5% inconvenience fee if we lose your item.

In regards to any item stolen/lost 100m and up. If we lose your item the amount paid out will be the going rate for said item. (Vendor Search Price) Along with any items 100m and up will only be handled by myself. This ensures a safe transaction from start to finish.

My item didn't sell, what now? - It happens from time to time where an item doesn't sell. Normally we list that it didn't sell, and it will be put into next week's auction.

It's been x amount of months and you still have my item! - You can arrange a pick up anytime except during an auction. Please use my contact information and I will get back to you as soon as possible.